Shmira Bike Registration

June 29, 2014 Filed under Advisory Report

Crown heights Shmira together with the NYPD’s 71st precinct will be hosting a Bike Registratiom Program this Monday, June 30th, between 5:00PM – 7:00PM in front of the CH-Cycles bike shop at 537 Empire Blvd (Kingston-Brooklyn).
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January 12, 2013 Filed under Advisory Report, Shmira News

On Sunday, January 6, a 2-hour seminar about street-wise self-defense was held in the heart of Crown Heights, organized by the Crown Heights Shmira patrol.

The seminar, attended by men and boys ages 13 and up, educated the community on the basics of how to defend oneself against common street attacks.
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December 31, 2012 Filed under Advisory Report, News

When: Sunday, January 6th, @ 10:30am-12:30pm

Learn street-proven self-defense techniques! Learn how to defend against an attacker who is
stronger, more skilled, and even armed!

This two hour seminar is available to the entire Crown Heights community, offered by Crown Heights Shmira.

Three reasons to take self-defense training:

1. Protecting your own safety is important. Protecting your loved ones is even more important. Knowing a few self-defense techniques could be all that is needed to neutralize an attacker long enough for your loved ones to get to safety. If you are not studying self defense for you own sake, do it for those you care about.
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Safety Alert

January 7, 2010 Filed under Advisory Report

Throughout this past week there have been both attempted and successful robberies/burglaries. The first 2 incidents happened on Saturday night. A young man was walking home when he was approached by two male blacks. One pointed a gun at him and demanded money. The young man notified them that he does not carry money on Shabbos and therefore he has nothing on him so they patted him down to verify his claim. Shortly thereafter two male blacks approached a couple as they were entering their apartment and showed them a firearm demanding that they hand over their money. The woman was pushing a stroller with her baby inside and at one point the gun was aimed toward the baby. The man handed over close to $300.00 in cash and the pair went on their way.
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Important Advisory to all Bikers

August 31, 2008 Filed under Advisory Report

photo illustration

photo illustration

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 approximately 9:30pm:A young bochur riding his bicycle on Albany Avenue near Empire Blvd was stopped by a Police Officer due to the fact that he was riding on the sidewalk. The bochur, who does not speak English, did not understand why he was stopped and when the Officer asked him for identification he did not understand what the Officer wanted from him. The Officer responded by threatening to arrest him. A passerby noticed what was transpiring attempted to explain to the bochur to show some identification. The Officer was ungrateful for this and threatened the passerby that if she continued to interfere she would be arrested for Obstructing Governmental Administration. The passerby called Shmira and Shmira members responded. The members on scene explained to the bochur what was occurring and the bochur furnished his identification. The officer wrote the summons and was on his way. Read more

Shmira Advisory Report

July 9, 2008 Filed under Advisory Report

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 9:30am: A Crown Heights resident driving along Parkside Avenue near the Park Circle was pulled over by an NYPD patrol car. After running the drivers information through his computer the Officer saw that the driver had a suspended license. In instances such as this the Officer would usually arrest the driver; however this was a nice and considerate Officer who simply wrote some tickets for violations and car deficiencies and allowed the driver to go without being arrested. The driver was now on Parkside Avenue with no way to get home or move his car. The driver called Shmira and a member was dispatched to drive him and his car back to his home.

If you get a ticket/summons please pay or fight it right away because if you don’t your license will be suspended and you may not know about it. If you drive with a suspended license, chances are you will not be as lucky as the person mentioned in the above story and you will get arrested. If in doubt, the Crown Heights Shmira recommends calling the DMV to make sure you don’t have a suspended license.

You can call the DMV at: (212) 645-5550

Shmira Advisory Report

June 15, 2008 Filed under Advisory Report

Sunday June 15, 2008 at approximately 5:30pm a pair of young African American boys tried climbing over the gate in front of 770 Lefferts Avenue between Troy and Schenectady Avenue while throwing sticks and other objects at the Jewish boys playing under the building. Shmira was called. When the Shmira members arrived the African American boys had already dispersed and were walking down the block. One of the Shmira members approached the boys and asked them to please refrain from entering the building premises in the future. Read more

Shmira Advisory Report

June 15, 2008 Filed under Advisory Report

Sunday, June 15, 2008 at approximately 12:00 noon Shmira was called to the alleyway behind 1451 Carroll Street between Albany and Troy Avenue. The caller had just realized that their car had been broken into. As Shmira responded 911 was simultaneously dispatched. The Shmira member arrived on scene and found that the passenger side window had been shattered. After it was apparent that nothing had been stolen from inside the car the Shmira member remained to help the complainant file a Police report.

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Shmira Advisory Report

June 13, 2008 Filed under Advisory Report

Friday, June 6, 2008, Mrs. Shlima Esther (Sandra) Blumenfield, a 62 year old woman, residing at 672 Empire Blvd, who lived in Crown Heights for many years, confirmed with her host that she would be joining them for their Shabbos meal. That was the last time anyone heard from her and she never showed up for the Shabbos meal. After Yom Tov, four days later a neighbor, concerned that she was missing called Hatzalah. Hatzalah responded, however they were unable to gain access to the apartment. Read more

Shmira Advisory Report

May 22, 2008 Filed under Advisory Report

Today, Thursday May 22 at approximately 4:30pm a male black entered sweet expressions a candy store on the corner of Kingston Avenue and Union Street and attempted to steal the pushkas (charity boxes) from the counter. The cashier acted quickly and called the Police. The black man realized that the Police were approaching and left the pushkas inside the store. Since he did not leave the store with the goods he technically did not steal and consequently the Police were unable to make an arrest.

This is the same man who Shmira had caught and was arrested by the NYPD this past Tuesday, May 13th for stealing Pushkas from Empire Grill. Shmira is asking all storeowners and residents of Crown Height to be on the alert for this man (see photo below). This man is a repeat offender and we don’t know what else he is capable of.


If you are in a store and suspect someone of shoplifting keep in mind that he must leave the store with the merchandise before he can be arrested and charged for theft.